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Episode 12 - David Linklater (Edwin Morgan Shortlist)

August 17th, 2020

DAVID LINKLATER is a poet from Balintore (Balti/The Bleaching Town) in Easter Ross. His work has appeared in GutterGlasgow Review of BooksDMQ Review and SPAM, amongst others. His pamphlet Black Box is published by Speculative Books. He lives and writes in Glasgow.


Episode 11 - Alycia Pirmohamed (Edwin Morgan Shortlist)

August 13th, 2020

ALYCIA PIRMOHAMED is the author of two pamphlets, Hinge (ignitionpress) and Faces that Fled the Wind (BOAAT Press). Her work can be found in The Paris Review DailyGuernica MagazineThe Poetry Review, and others. Alycia is the co-founder of the Scottish BAME Writers Network. 

Episode 10 - Michael Grieve (Edwin Morgan Shortlist)

August 12th, 2020

MICHAEL GRIEVE lives in Fife where he works as a bookseller. He is a graduate of the Universities of St Andrews and Cambridge, and his work has appeared in The ScoresMagma, and Perverse. His pamphlet Luck is published by HappenStance.

Episode 9 - Stewart Sanderson (Edwin Morgan Shortlist)

August 11th, 2020

STEWART SANDERSON is a poet from Glasgow, currently based in the West Midlands, where he works as a local authority Arts Development Officer. The recipient of an Eric Gregory Award, as well as Robert Louis Stevenson and Jessie Kesson Fellowships, his most recent pamphlet is An Offering (Tapsalteerie, 2018).

Episode 8 - Kirsten Kerr (Edwin Morgan Shortlist)

August 10th, 2020

KIRSTEN KERR is a Glasgow-based poet, originally from Aberdeen. Writing about people, nature and place, her poetry often returns to that wee glint of magic in the everyday. 

Episode 7 - Colin Bramwell (Edwin Morgan Shortlist)

August 9th, 2020

The Edwin Morgan Award Short List Series :

COLIN BRAMWELL is a poet, performer and musician from the Black Isle. His first pamphlet of poems will be published in early 2021 by Stewed Rhubarb Press. Currently, he is working towards a PhD in Scots and literary translation at the University of St Andrews.

Episode 6 - Paul Malgrati (Edwin Morgan Shortlist)

August 7th, 2020

The Edwin Morgan Award Short List Series :

PAUL MALGRATI is a Glasgow-biding poet from France, writing verse in Scots and French. He recently completed a PhD in Scottish literature at the University of St Andrews and now works within the Centre for Robert Burns Studies at the University of Glasgow. In 2019, his first poems appeared in several magazines and books, including The Darg. 

Episode 5 - Henry Bell

July 30th, 2020

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Episode 4 - Open Mic

July 14th, 2020

We're back! with another Poetry Podcast. 

Hosted by Sam & Jack from Speculative Books. 

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This Podcast we've got (drum roll please)

You are beautiful by Jack MacMillan
Too Much Fucking Shit To Do by Oliver Pissed
Beating The Air by Ria Smart
Taboo by Gray Crosbie
Buttercup by Sam Small
Notes from The Commonwealth of Virginia by Meagan Jannett

FB: Oliver Pissed - Poetic Comedy 

Gray Crosbie has a poetry collection out: 'Love, Pan-Fried' you can get it here from Knight Errant Press 

Oliver Pissed run the Clusterfuck Circus, a poetry night and live stream / video party that puts on regular events more info on FB search : Oliver Pissed - Poetic Comedy 


Episode 3 - For Edwin Morgan

June 4th, 2020

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Episode 3 - Track List

Intro by Colin Herd

Prologue by Eileen Farrelly

Still Life, Second Life, After Life by Samuel Tongue

Can We Go Down by Katie Veitch

Washerwoman by Lesley Capitanchik

POEM by Glenna Jones

Green Plannet by Glenna Jones

Mr David Kennedy, Aged Twenty by Gaar Adams

Amoeba in Motion by Beag Horn

To End by Mike Ferguson

Yellow is the Brightest Colour by Lucy Cash

Portraits of Lydia Lopokova by Estelle Price

Two Heads Are Better Than One by Ellen MacAskill

Space Coral 1 & 2 by Scott Norval

Terraforming by Gillian Dawson

W.S. Graham: 29th September 1954 by William Bonar

To An Eddie by R.A. Davis

Nascency by Shirley Bell

Europe After The Rain by Kate Lynch

Blind by Edwin Morgan (Read by Nuala Watt)

The Blind Poem by Nuala Watt

Attraction by Mairi Jack

The Opposite Page by Eleanor Capaldi

Thought end of world had come by Laura Bissell

There Are 6 Queer Vitalities And Scrapbooking Is One Of Them by K. Patrick

Climate Conversation by Lesley Morrison

Peter is Going For a Walk by Andrés Ordorica

Sanndabhaig by Neil Thomson

Wifi Passwords for his Typewriter by Beth Cochrane

Traits by Sheila Scott

Book 1: 1931-53 by Greg Thomas

Damn Hand by J L Williams

‘Is it true we come alive not once but many times’ by Russell Jones

Gaze by Russell Jones

Accident on West Preston Street by Jane Aldous

Scrappy Questions by Michael Black

Let’s Be Kind About The Bird by Tessa Berring & Kathrine Sowerby

Nebula in Andromeda and Eccentric Orbit by Maria Sledmere

Translating by Machine by NT Smith

A Tree by Lizzie Eldridge

Black and White Pictures of Statues by Sarah Dolan

Asciinaut &c. by Ian Macartney

We Went in Search by Shehzar Doja

Campsie Hills snow dusted by Finola Scott

We are sitting by a river in Pollock park in Glasgow. Can you hear the birds, I saw a duck over there a minute ago. It’s a hot day, the sun is out but we are under a tree. We’re going to do a book launch.

We have invited, 40 poets to come along and do a wee reading by this stream, it’s not a live stream, this stream is pre-recorded!

This online podcast book launch is part of the Edwin Morgan Centenary. we were asked by the Edwin Morgan Foundation to make a book of writing inspired by Edwin Morgan, and specifically, his scrap books.

Edwin Morgan is widely recognised as one of the foremost Scottish poets of the 20th century. In 1999, Morgan was made the first Glasgow Poet Laureate and the 27th of April would have been his hundredth birthday.

Before he published his first collection of poetry, Edwin Morgan made a series of visually arresting, playful, dynamic scrapbooks. A queer visual diary, a catalogue of images, and a surreal bricolage, the scrapbooks were a resource and a testing ground as Morgan developed his distinctively experimental and anti-orthodox poetics. 

Speculative Books have teamed up with The Edwin Morgan Foundation and Glasgow University to bring you The Centenary Collection, a collection inspired by those scrap books.

Colin Herd held work shops around the scrap books and was the editor for the collection.

The book is available now! You can buy it from SpeculativeBooks.net

Thank you to all the contributors, thank you to the Edwin Morgan Foundation for contacting us, thank you to Colin Herd for putting together such an excellent collection. 

And Thank you to Edwin Morgan - The Original Glasgow Poet Laureate. Happy birthday!

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